"Um… You will come with me, right?"

I love Wally, he’s sooo cute ;o;
Anónimo What is Yumi's family like? And does she have good friends?

Her parents work in a gardening shop and she often helps them. Because of this, she developed an interest in flowers and plants! I can’t say much about her friends yet ;o;


✧ full view ✧ 
Yumi Hanamori (PMMM OC) © zumodelimon  | illust © sefi/JF/3071527 [ please do not remove source/credit! ] (´・ω・人 )

Look at this! I LOVE this drawing, Yumi looks really cute ♥♥♥The background is so pretty aaaa <3 Thank you so much ! ! !I really love seeing fan art of my characters *^*
She is my Madoka OC, Yumi Hanamori! I’m so happy, a lot of people like her design! Thank you <33
Anónimo Oh, my bad. Yumi and Yuma is so similar though. But anyway, are there any more you've created? I'd love to see more.

I don’t have more but you can find good designs in the ‘madoka oc’ tag!

Anónimo I like your design for Yumi Hanamori, especially of how her witch form forces people to sleep forever, which thinking about it, doesn't seem as bad as what other witches usually do. You probably get this a lot though, but I think there's a Yumi in Oriko Magica as well. So is this character based on you or was she made entirely up?

I love getting asks like this! Glad you like her design /// She isn’t based on me, I just thought that a magical girl related with dreams would be a good idea (I didn’t read Oriko Magica but I searched it and the name of the girl is Yuma, not Yumi >w<)

Anónimo i really want a commission but paypal doesn't work for me. i'm sorry but is there any other way we could do this?

I’m sorry, but I only do paypal commissions ; v ;

Anónimo Do your followers or anyone have to pay for art commissions now? ;-;

U-umm yes, I’m sorry! Some people ask me if I do bell commissions, but I don’t need money in the game… But I can do art trades!

Just a doodle of my mayor &gt;w&lt;