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Homura this time!
Nagisa Momoe xMami Tomoe xKyoko Sakura x
Celeste is my fav NPC! I made a room for her in the museum because I don’t like that she now only works in the gift shop … I’m sure she misses the stars ; v ;
She’s my Puella Magi OC, Yumi Hanamori!
My mayor as a villager!

Day 4 -Draw your favourite Peppy villager

(I’ll only do the days related to villagers) Carmen isn’t my fav peppy villager but I wanted to draw her!

I love those two flower too, it made me happy when some friends ask for them, well, just 2 friends ask for the sunflower.
Convallarias are very cute and they are poisonous… kukukukuku~
Flower request are still open…… and sorry for my bad english

Aww I requested these two! Please, visit her blog! She is a talented and lovely artist ♥

Day 1 - Draw one of your dreamies

Poppy is super cute, I love her! I love squirrels because they have fluffy tails ♥
This time is Kyoko! She is my fav, I loooove her ♥
Mami version xNagisa version x