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Sketch of Brawly and Roxanne! I’m thinking of doing an ORAS artbook!I’m really excited for the remakes, Hoenn is my favorite region! >w<
Crossover of Animal Crossing and Pokemon! I’ll do more ~
I wanted to change the image of my sidebar so I drew Lily with my mayor!
Anonymous sent: wowie ur pmmm co is so good!

Thank you Anon! <33

Anonymous sent: Hello! Sorry for bothering, but may I ask what was your inspiration for Yumi's magical girl outfit? I'm really curious about magical girls outfits and what do people think about while designing them, so I was wondering if I could ask you? Sorry if I'm bothering, and I also wanted to say that Yumi's really cute! (And I like her ability, that's really cute too!) Have a wonderful day!

That’s a really interesting question!
Yumi loves to sleep so I wanted her magical girl outfit to be comfortable and simple, like a pajama! Thank you! I’m happy that you like her  <3

I need help with my Animal Crossing x Pokemon project ; v ;
I’m running out of ideas, so if you have an idea please tell me!

Next ones will be:
Muffy with Gothorita, Skye with Swablu or Altaria, Gulliver with Wingull and Pietro with Mime Jr >w<

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