Anónimo Do your followers or anyone have to pay for art commissions now? ;-;

U-umm yes, I’m sorry! Some people ask me if I do bell commissions, but I don’t need money in the game… But I can do art trades!

Just a doodle of my mayor >w<
Anónimo Do you speak Spanish

Yes c:

Anónimo Your art is AMAZING!!! Do you use a drawing software? If you do what's it called? 🎨🎨🎨✏️✒️

Thank you!! I use Paint Tool SAI ^w^

Anónimo Hi :) Do you do commissions? I'm sorry if this is asked a lot - I couldn't find a page for it though ^^'

Yes, but I’ll close them soon! You can find the link in my sidebar >w<

My part of an art trade with chimeriacrossing &lt;3&#160;It&#8217;s her lovely mayor Peggy!! Hope you like it &gt;w&lt;

art trade with the fabulous art senpai zumodelimon!!! *A* hope you like it!!! (●´∀`●)

OMG this is super cuteee!! I love how you drew her &lt;333Thank you for this beautiful drawing! I love it ♥
Mega Audino is super cute!!


If you like to follow art blogs, I have some talented friends! Please check them out ~

(Thank you so much for 2000 followers!! I’m very happy <3)